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Benchtop Sealing For Commercial & Residential

Benchtop sealing is a must-have for any natural stone kitchen benchtop, bartop, table or bathroom vanity.

Bench top surfaces made of marble, limestone, travertine & onyx (even granite), are prone to staining from a variety of elements. These can include (but are not limited to) soaps, oils, alcoholic beverages, dyes, beauty products and more.

Benchtop sealing is the only proactive step to take in order to avoid surface staining and to keep your benchtops in great condition!

At Clean Seal Australia we offer both traditional benchtop sealing and modern benchtop sealing methods, to suit your needs and budget. Scroll to read more about what we offer!

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Traditional Benchtop Sealing (Penetrating Sealer)

Our traditional method of sealing benchtops involves a detailed process of cleaning and preparing your surface (to suit your benchtop’s current state), and sealing with either a Natural Finish or Colour Enhancing Finish.

Penetrating sealers are a liquid-based and work their magic by soaking deep into the benchtop, filling the gaps in the pores of the stone. This is the most effective type of liquid benchtop sealer available and can protect natural travertine, onyx, marble, limestone, and granite surfaces from staining.


Using the highest quality products from Lithofin, our qualified benchtop sealing specialists will assess your benchtop and recommend one of the three available cleaning options.

1) Final cleaning
If your surface is new and is contaminated with dirt, cement film or epoxy resin film we will prepare the surface accordingly to remove these contaminants.

2) Basic cleaning
For surfaces that have already been laid or are very old, they will most likely need to have grease contamination, surface dirt and layers of products that need to be removed.

3) Advanced cleaning
This method is used to remove specific stains and dirt from a surface. These may include cement particles, grease stains, and others.

Sealing Finish

Depending on your benchtop, either a water based sealer or solvent based sealer will be chosen to use on your surface. Clients can choose a Natural Benchtop Sealer finish or a Colour Enhancing Benchtop Sealer finish.

A natural sealer is essentially invisible, and will not alter the colour or surface finish of the stone, whilst a colour enhancing sealer will deepen the colour of the stone.

 Inovation in Benchtop Sealing – Tuffskin

Tuffskin Benchtop Sealer is the latest innovation in benchtop sealing technology and is another option we offer at Clean Seal Australia. This sealer is actually a surface film, that unlike liquid penetrating sealers which only protect from staining, can protect from staining AND etching.

Other benefits of Tuffskin Benchtop Sealing include:

  • Effective film removal if it needs replacing or is no longer required, without damaging the surface
  • Two finishes available (Gloss or Matt) which enables the client to change their gloss surface to a matt appearance and vise versa if they want a change
  • Made from technology designed to resist the daily wear associated with high use surfaces
  • Zero smell and easy to clean


In addition to the above benefits,TuffSkin also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty when professionally installed!

Unsure which sealer method is best for you?

Scroll to read some FAQs about our penetrating and tuffskin benchtop sealers, or send us an enquiry by filling in the form at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between a Penetrating Benchtop Sealer and a Tuffskin Benchtop Sealer?

Penetrating sealers are a liquid based, absorbent sealer whilst a Tuffskin sealer is a hard coat, laminate sealer. Sealing with a penetrating sealer does not prevent etching, whilst sealing with Tuffskin does prevent etching.

Do you only seal kitchen benchtops?

Not at all! We can seal any stone surface you want, such as a bartop, bathroom vanity or outdoor BBQ benchtop.

Can a sealer damage my stone surface in any way?

When installed by professionals such as ours, absolutely not.

Do you clean and prepare the surface before sealing?

Yes, our sealing team will do everything for you and always run past our recommendations before implementing anything.

Do I have to supply any products beforehand?

No, we bring all of the cleaning, preparation and sealing products with us.