Anti-Slip Treatments

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Anti-Slip Treatments For Commercial & Residential

Keep your foot traffic safe when tiles or concrete gets wet.

Our anti-slip treatment passively penetrates and changes the surface of the concrete or tile to make it anti-slip safe.

When the tile or concrete surface gets wet, a suction effect is created between the sole of the shoe and the anti-slip surface. The wetter the surface … the more effective the grip.

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Surfaces that can be treated with anti-slip

Most types of tiles including ceramic, quarry, mosaic, granite, porcelain and terrazzo can be treated with our anti-slip, as well as polished concrete. If you’re unsure about your surface, just ask us.

Areas anti-slip is suitable for

Anti-slip treatment can be applied pretty much anywhere there is a smooth tiled or polished concrete floor that becomes a slip hazard when wet. This includes entrances, foyers, stairs, ramps, pools, kitchens, bathrooms and showers.

How long does it last?

If you compare anti-slip to a sole on a shoe, it will wear down primarily based on the amount of foot traffic. The heavier the traffic, the quicker it will wear. The lighter the traffic the longer it will take to wear.

As a general guide, the anti-slip treatment will last for 2 years. However, this can increase if the correct cleaners are used on the surface, as they contain a small proportion of the grip additive. As the floor is being cleaned, the cleaning product tops up the grip effect, enabling the treatment to remain in premium anti-slip condition for many years.

If the anti-slip treatment gets covered over by contaminants like grease, fats & oils or a soap build-up from the use of incorrect cleaning products, then the floor can become slippery & dangerous again.

Australian Standards

On request, our anti-slip treatment can be independently tested by certified consultants to ensure they exceed Australian anti-slip standards.